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My name is MERIKO, and I am a Pole Dancer based in Tokyo.

I have been a professional dancer for 17 years and involved in pole dancing for 11 years, as well as fire dancing for 9 years.

I have certification from the Tokyo Metropolitan as Heaven Artist performer. To date I am the only individual to receive this certification and earn the privilege to be the first street pole dance artist in Japan. I specialise in solo pole dancing and I will be performing at a festival which includes the Heaven Artists.

The Pole Dance is considered a highly artistic performance and has attracted followers from all over the world. I have a sincere love for my expressive dance styles and believe it is emphasised by my strength and beauty as a woman. To add to this I will be creating street pole dance performances that will entertain, which I hope will open up this extraordinary world.

Traditionally Pole Dancing has a less than publicly accepted image. I will perform on the street and open this new creative express to the general public and families alike. My training helps me to be in peak condition both physically and mentally to enhance my performances.

My background was based in mainstream Rhythmic Gymnastics. The discipline helped me develop flexibility and acrobatic styles,all while utilising performance enhancing props that are specific to each discipline. props that include Torches for Fire Dance, and Gymnastics Ribbons.Feminine representation will be evident in my wide range of performances.

Along my way I have been to New York, home of the pole fitness discipline, 5 times since 2013.

There I had intensive training sessions to improve my technical ability, which allowed me to master the Aerial Dance; Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silk. While in New York the study of other performing Arts such as Ballet, Modern Dance (Isadora Duncan technique) and the Belly Dance.

New York facilitated the opportunity for many request performances by adoring fans new to the Pole Dance and those New York expressive experts alike.

Based on my New York experiences I have created a new dance style that combines the Aerial Dance and Pole Dance. This will be one of the highlights in my upcoming performance.

My travels have taken me to Tokyo and other quiet, nature rich locations off the beaten path. I also take part in rigorous weight training to keep both body and mind in tune for richly expressive and inspirational performances.

My goal is to take to the street a uniquely impressive sight never seen before. I hope to open minds with creative performances that will open minds and enter the soul.

Thank you.

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